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Brussels Gospel Festival 2018
September 1st
Save the date and stay tuned · More information to follow.
Brussels Gospel Festival 2017 »
Brussels Gospel Festival 2017
Sound The Trumpet against Epilepsy
Let's take epilepsy out of the shadows
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Sortons l'épilepsie de l'ombre
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Laten we epilepsie uit de...
Every year STT mission in regards to epilepsy is to encourage those living with it to come out of the shadow, and LIVE their life. They should go for it with no shame and know that there is hope. Everybody needs somebody and we all need to have the appropriate behaviour when someone is having a seizure!
L'équipe Sound The Trumpet -BE présente aux Plaisirs d'Hiver à l'Eglise Sainte Catherine:
Invité la chorale «Hosanna Gospel»! Un moment inoubliable!!!!
Brussels Gospel Festival 3rd edition kicked off with a fantastic Drum-Off, led by Pst Roger Grandison and Sarah Thawer (Members of the Jury) from Canada (TO). And the winner is Paci Dk. Winner price: 1 week trip to Canada (TO) where he will spend time with other drummers and perfect his skills in a great environnent.
Une partie de la Chorale Senior Sound The trumpet avec Coach André Massamba.
Remariage Senior Hôtel de Ville 2017
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Sound The Trumpet against Epilepsy
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